The seven rules of the Sanctuary.


1. The server is a common good that we all create together in order to:
— providing good entertainment
— creating a meeting place with friends
— rest and relaxation
— escape from the problems of reality

2. Actions that have a negative impact on the achievement of the server's goals will be punished adequately to the harmfulness.


1. Respect is due to every player, including opponents, without whom the game makes no sense.

2. Personal culture, kindness and proper language will allow everyone to feel good on the server.

3. Protecting the story-driven and role-play style will make the game magical.
— In particular, please take care of the names and titles of your characters, pets, clans and alliances, so that they maintain the standards of proper names and fit into the game world. Extreme cases can be changed. In case of problems, it is worth using the generator: Generators

4. Community-positive actions and high standards (especially those described above) can be rewarded on the initiative of the Clan Council.


1. There is an absolute prohibition of any commercial activity on the server. There are no fees, subscriptions, trade in items, donations or micropayments here. All game elements are available for free.
— This rule applies to administration as well as players.

2. All the fun on the server is financed by one founder in the person of the administrator.

3. Any business activities will be punished with total exclusion from the game for all parties to the transaction. For example:
— trade in items and accounts
— services such as paid assistance in gaining experience


1. The only person with permissions in the game is the administrator. This reduces the risk of abuse of power and dilution of responsibility.

2. The administrator guards the rules described in these regulations. It grants penalties and funds awards.

3. The administrator is also a regular player and takes part in the game openly, on the same terms as everyone else.
— It builds up his motivation to run and develop the server and allows him to feel all the flaws and problems directly.


1. An important role in the life of the server is played by the Clans Council, which includes the leaders of all significant clans on the server.
— The Clans Council acts as an advisor to the administrator when making key decisions for the server.
— At the initiative of the leaders and with the approval of the Council, clans can organize special events for the server. Due to the limited time, the admin only provides rewards and control.
— The Council is also a forum for solving social problems and interclans dialogue.
— The functioning and organization of the council is ensured by the Chairman of the Clan Council, i.e. the character played by the administrator. This allows leaders to contact the administrator during his normal game and prioritize troubleshooting.

2. The server is constantly developed which causes new problems, so everyone is responsible for reporting the server bugs it encounters.
— The reports will be rewarded according to the threat posed by the bug to the server.


1. There is a total ban on "boting" on the server, using any "hacks", "cheats", "exploits", game bugs, changing game files, etc.
— A player must be present when his character performs any actions.
— It is the player's responsibility to respond when checked whether the administrator or another player is checking.

2. You can play on up to 3 accounts from one PC.
— One player can use only one PC at a time.

3. Each offense will be punished with a ban many times longer than it would have taken to obtain similar benefits in a fair manner, or be completely excluded from the game.
— Reports of observed suspicious activities along with the date and evidence in the form of screenshots / videos should be sent to the administrator using a private message on the forum.


1. Every server will get old one day, so to keep it going, we allow the server to be refreshed by a partial reset.
— The moment of refreshing will be delayed as much as possible and possible only after the server burns out completely, when the only alternative is to shut it down.
— The refresh will partially reset the achievements earned on the server.
— The scope and rules for refreshment will be agreed with all players.

2. We don't open more servers, we only run one.